Molly Margaret Photography specializes in romantic, sensual boudoir sessions done in a professional and private studio.



$475 | One hour Boudoir session, Professional Hair + Makeup is provided and the session will take place in a professional boudoir studio featuring vintage furniture, fur rugs and a gorgeous white bed. 


frequently asked questions

How long does a session typically last? The hair and makeup portion will take one hour approximately, and the shooting portion will take one hour. The studio is typically rented for two hours but additional time can be added on prior to the session. 

Do you offer retouching? Minor skin imperfections will be retouched and smoothed, but I do not alter your body directly - the poses we use however will make sure your best shape is shown. 




Can I bring someone with me? Absolutely! Please keep in mind nudity and posing are based on your comfort level, having a friend there often helps you relax - just give me a heads up! 

What do I wear? I recommend checking out my boudoir Pinterest here for outfit inspiration, bring options and I'm happy to direct you on what will look best.