Grant Spring Photos | Denver Photo Collective

I recently rented Denver Photo Collective to take spring photos of my sister, my son and I. My sister does social media and branding management so of course I had to get some new shots of her but when we showed up my kiddo decided that was not going to be the plan. But maybe his plan worked out better, or well cuter to say the least.


We arrived to Denver Photo Collective for the first time and were both very impressed with the space. There are three main rooms and a changing room. The entry room features a small kitchen like set up with dished and a Keurig. The main room was set for their current Mothers Day display - a gorgeous wallpaper and beautifully made paper flowers - on one wall and their rolling bed on the other side next to a vintage blue couch. In the third smaller room and studio stood a large plant and another vintage couch, this time in a burnt orange yellow tone. 


When Grant wasn’t all that interested in taking photos with either of us, thanks buddy, we basically just let him play throughout the space. He picked up paper flowers and handed them to us, giggled on the bed set up and played with the orange couch.


Photographing kiddos isn't always the easiest, but when you just let them dictate the shoot it really opens them up. Take a look at the images featuring the plant and orange couch. My sister suggested that Grant, my son, play peek-a-boo behind the couch and just look at those expressions! You may see these faces in your day to day routine but these are the photos you want on your wall, in your albums and published to Facebook. These are real moments, and unless you set time for purposeful capture of them - you will miss them. I’m so glad we were able to utilize this space and have this time together.