Aspen + Thomas | Northern Denver Fall Wedding

Fall weddings might just be my favorite, and Aspen + Thomas had such a beautiful one. Located in the northern Denver area and featuring gorgeous open fields and foothills this fall wedding is sure to capture your eye and your heart.

I started the day walking up to the home Aspen grew up in. Fun fact, her parents were married on this same property as well. Janessa and I were warmly greeted and we could instantly tell this group was going to be a fun one. 

Ladies, always get your man a gift for the wedding day. It does not need to be huge or overly expensive but come on, look at that smile. 

Just before the ceremony began, Aspen shared a first look with her father. He kept it together until the very last minute. 


Aspen + Thomas specifically requested 'goofy' wedding party photos. That's where I came in!


Shot with : Janessa Valentine Photography

Molly Margaret

Molly is the owner and photographer for Molly Margaret Photography and specializes in intimate, romantic Rocky Mountain, Colorado and Denver Weddings.