Wedding Resources | Should I feed my vendors?

A common question I get from brides is, 'Should I feed my vendors?' 

In a simple answer: Yes. Ok, you can either stop reading now ;-) or go on to see why this is so crucial to your wedding planning process. 

A fed vendor is a happy vendor. A happy vendor performs better, reacts quicker and is much more helpful. The last thing you want is a vendor eating a granola bar in between photos or songs. While power snacks are absolutely crucial to wedding days, treat your vendors well and they will absolutely return the favor! 

Ok. So you agree. You should feed your vendors. Now what? 

Confirm how many team members will attend / work your wedding and need to be fed. Will your vendor have an assistant? Does your DJ work as a team? Is your Photo Booth personally manned? 

Confirm any allergies. You certainly don't have to get individual food preferences but it is polite to confirm no allergies exist that your caterer should be aware of. 

Speak with your catering company on vendor meal options. Fun fact: Many catering companies offer vendor meals, these are typically discounted because they don't include salad/bread/dessert and are served away from guests.

Check your contract - some vendors require food at events and will specify meal types in there as well.

Be sure your vendors receive a HOT meal equivalent to your quests. Again, some require this via contracting and this goes a lot further than a PB + J.

Have a plan in place of where and when the vendors should eat. For vendors like the DJ + Photographer it is ideal to eat directly after your entrance and before the first dance. This typically means they should eat right after the bridal party is served. Also, it's best to have a plan of where they should eat ahead of time. 

Each wedding is different and each vendor is different, if you aren't sure on an expectation, just ask. 

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Molly Margaret

Molly is the owner and photographer for Molly Margaret Photography and specializes in intimate, romantic Rocky Mountain, Colorado and Denver Weddings.