You're Engaged ... Now What?

You're engaged - now what?! What is the most important thing to book right away, what can wait until later? 

First things first, tell your family - via phone or in person. Finding out your child is engaged via facebook probably isn't the best feeling in the world. 

Secondly, enjoy your newlywed status! You'll get an outpouring of love and support with is so so fun. This is the time to get your nails done, post obnoxious ring selfies ;-) and soak in the fun new names for each other. Oh hey fianceeeeeee


Next, things get real. 


Here's an standard breakdown on budget items. Remember however it's what is most important to you and your relationship. Example: My husband and I used a family heirloom for my wedding band and splurged on food costs.

Photo by  on  Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash

Reception: 50% (Food + Reception Hall Costs)

Attire: 10%

Flowers: 10%

Entertainment: 10% (Think DJ + Music)

Photography: 10% (Add on more to include video!)

Other: 10% (Rings, stationary, favors)

Fun Fact: The average wedding cost in America is about $25,000 


Now that you know how much you can spend it's time to start interviewing vendors. Find a time of year/date you love and meet with venues to find the right one. Keep in mind most popular venues book a year in advance. 

Next vendor to look for? Photographer and Videographer. These can book a year + in advance especially for busier times of the year. (I'm already booking June + July weddings for 2019!) Figure out the style you like first then find a photographer that meets your vision. Ask for referals, check out theknot, join facebook groups. The options can be overwhelming but it's absolutely worth the research!


Get your vision together. This will help when you meet with vendors or coordinators so they can truly picture your vision. A lot of vendors have pinterests boards as well to see their work and styles. 


This is a crazy important decision, and you will get asked who made the cut almost immediately after that ring is on your finger. Remember to thing long term, will this person be in your life for the foreseeable future? Are there family members who expect to be in this exclusive group? Are there party members who already don't get along and will cause any issues?


Ok, those are the basics - feeling overwhelmed yet? Just remember there are tons of resources for you out there! Stay tuned for more planning and bridal tips from

Molly Margaret

Molly is the owner and photographer for Molly Margaret Photography and specializes in intimate, romantic Rocky Mountain, Colorado and Denver Weddings.