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I often get asked How can I improve my family photo taking skills? Especially around the holidays when people are taking photos of their loved ones at events and at home. I’ve compiled a quick list for reference here:


  • Capture the family in their genuine embrace, encourage them to hug each other and goof around

  • Get on the same level, having parents crouch down when posing with young children can help create a more controlled final portrait

  • Photograph from above to get small faces and features in focus

  • Bring small toys or play cartoons above the camera for small children

  • Remember to capture individuals of each child

  • Talk with the family beforehand and review clothing choices for a more cohesive image

  • Have parents interact in photos to show closeness

  • Pair up families with matriarch/patriarch in center and build outward with family units alternating for standing posed larger groups, shoot in a higher f/stop to ensure members are in focus and be sure to "window" people so you can see them clearly


  • Expecting young children to pose, or cooperate for an extended amount of time

  • Not checking for stains/messy hands/hair

  • Forgetting to get photos of individuals or pairs beyond the entire family

  • Not coordinating outfits in advance that match each other and the enviroment

  • Not coordinating an appropriate location (aka getting permits as needed, picking outdoor spots in bad weather)

  • Forgetting to remove sunglasses

  • Shooting a too low F/stop so members are not in focus

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Molly Margaret

Molly is the owner and photographer for Molly Margaret Photography and specializes in intimate, romantic Rocky Mountain, Colorado and Denver Weddings.