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I'm Molly, of Molly Margaret Photography (duh) and I am pretty simple. I like sour candy, reality TV and singing in the car with my kiddo. My brother bought me photoshop and my first camera for my 15th birthday, "it's this or drivers ed" he said. Well, I didn't drive till I was 18 but I've been following people around with a camera ever since. Really though. Ask my family, following around

When I'm not editing photos or following couples around on the weekend - I'm hiking (SMALL day hikes, don't be impressed) with my husband and four year old or lets be honest, watching reality TV. Seriously, can they please make a real housewives of Denver edition? I'm nerdy, weird and awkward but that usually means you'll have fun hanging out with me ;-)

The biggest compliment I can receive is getting genuine full of happiness moments and laughs from my couples and clients. Believe me, I'll do a lot to make this happen. Picture this - you're super uncomfortable getting your photo taken (but really, what do you do with your hands?!) and I tell you to whisper your grocery list in the most sensual/funny /impression voice possible to your partner. Well there you go, genuine laughter. Have you ever heard "toilet paper and granny smith apples" said in a kermit the frog voice? You might at your engagement session! Not doing a couple session and just joining me for a branding session? I encourage my clients to goof around and be themselves so your brand photos match who you are as a person! Either way, lets hang out for an hour of your week or all day on the best day of your life.


Things I love: 

  1. My Family (Jeremy my hubby and Grant my four year old)

  2. Harry Potter

  3. Post Apocalyptic TV shows and Books (that's not like super nerdy)

Things I don't love:

  1. Waking up early

  2. Green Pepper (seriously, keep them away from me)

  3. Slow Internet (I feel like this should be everyones pet peeve but does anyone love slow internet??)

Don't believe me that I'm super awesome and we should hang out? Here's what some other people had to say - 

"Molly was an amazing photographer and extremely professional from our first meeting all the way through our wedding. We had such a great time planning our wedding, taking engagement photos and on our wedding day working with her. She was so nice, easy going, funny and she takes amazing pictures. At the wedding she was every where we wanted her but was unobtrusive! We are so glad we chose her to capture our special day! We love our pictures!"

- Jenna + Chuck

Molly's photos are gorgeous, you can see that by just glancing at her site. What you can't see is how AMAZING she is to work with. She is the easiest person to be around, she's hilarious and fantastic with working with tense people (which there is often a lot of at weddings ;) ) She has a second sense for capturing all of the perfect "behind the scenes" moments without anyone even noticing she is there. She makes everything so simple, photos were the one thing at the wedding I wasn't worried about at all and she went above and beyond my expectations. Seriously 10/5 stars

- Angela + Weston

Molly is an artist. She was amazing from the start. She was genuinely interested in my ideas and gave me a ton of ideas in return. Molly was able to capture everything we wanted in our photos and then some. She seriously stayed out in below freezing temperatures for us!!! Not only was she great at what she does but kept offering to take any other shots we wanted. So sweet. Molly, you did a superb job and I couldn’t have asked for more. You gave suggestions on outfits and poses, I just loved it. Plus, all of our friends and family are enamored with our pictures!!

- Dara + Craig

Molly was so much fun to work with. She makes you feel so comfortable and able to make you smile and laugh. Her pictures capture so much emotion and detail from the day. She is easy to communicate with, flexible and reliable!

- Amanda + Garrett

If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding or engagement photos, stop right here!!! Molly is everything you could dream for. She is talented, so easy going and fun to work with, and captures such beautiful moments. She had us laughing and enjoying every moment of our engagement session. Her photos are stunning, and we can't wait for her to shoot our wedding! Hiring Molly was the best decision we've made while planning our wedding

- Olivia + Collin

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